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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Along The Way (6/Sept/05)

It is my hope to occasionally post entries from my journal here on the site. I'll admit that I'm a little nervous about it, as I've often told people that the real beauty of journal keeping is when you can write for your own benefit, and refrain from editing your thoughts for others to view. So this promises to be a process. Here goes...

How cool it would have been to be Captain Kirk. He got to sit in the chair that had buttons and controls built into it. He got to wear the cool gold shirt. He always got the girl. And he had that cool voice data log book: "Captain's Log... star date 6/Sept/05"

Tuesday... prayer time and lunch with a few of the local pastors. I really value the growing relationships with a few of these guys, Ron, Mike, Nick and Richard especially. We've been intentional about breaking down that unspoken reality of competitiveness between local pastors and congregations. We've been experiencing the blessing of the truth: When one part of the body hurts, the entire body hurts; when one part of the body has cause to celebrate, the entire body has cause to celebrate.

Elder's meeting tonight. It really is a highlight of my week to get together with these guys. Tonight we have a visit from the finance guys. That is never any fun. Summer giving slump... rising costs... Ministry would be so much more fun if money weren't a part of it. But, financial stuff will only be a small part of our agenda tonight (God is merciful!). We will get to some good stuff: staff and elder evaluations and the spiritual formation needs of the congregation.

I have a pile of correspondence to respond to, a couple of calls to make, and some tasks to complete before the elder's meeting tonight... yep, it's Tuesday.


  • It seems that a short week after a long weekend always means more work. I was with my manager today, and we had lunch with clients, its always stressful as you need to be on your toes at all times. I often get caught up in all the work that I need to do, work to finish for today and work that needs to be done tomorrow. At times it can get to be a lot, and you just hope to get to Sat morning and breathe a little with my Dunkin Donuts coffee and my feet up.

    On my way home from work today I made a stop. This particular stop quicky put all that daunting stuff I need to do into perspective. I should know better because I have had things put into perspective many times in my life but we quickly lose sight of that. However this stop was one that I just feeled so compelled to make, I was not the only person to make this particular stop as anywhere from 400 to 500 other people made this stop.

    Last Friday in My home town of Londonderry NH, a young man of 20 was killed in a car accident, I know his brothers from football and his Dad was a supporter of Highschool sports when i was there. I did not know them intimatley, but felt a connection not to the brothers of the young man who was killed even though they are close to my age, and I played football in the same town as them, but to the parents who lost this child. I shook the Dad's hand and introduced myself as it had been a long time, he knew me and I gave him a hug and the best thing I could say was God Bless you and your family. I Do not know there religious beliefs, or where the family is spiritually, but saying God bless to the parents and 6 sibblings felt to me the most appropriate. I had never been to a wake of such a young man or woman. Seeing someone younger than me resting in peace felt so sureal. All that admin I need to do, No big deal, it will get done. I am thankful for today and to have all that work hanging over my head.

    God Bless

    By Brian Smith, at 9/06/2005 7:53 PM  

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