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"Those who have the disease called Jesus will never be cured" ~Old Russian Proverb

Friday, September 09, 2005

Along The Way (9/Sept/05)

I hope to get Sunday's message finished today and get a look at the music for Sunday morning and tomorrow's rehearsal. The message is coming together. I've really enjoyed the time in Job 38-41. It's a passage where God is really letting Job have it - but the truth behind the scolding has caused me to see God in a more magnificent and marvelous light. I'm wrestling with how much of that passage in Job to use Sunday, or whether just to reference it and work thru other texts for the message. Help Lord?

The kickoff of the Patriots season... awesome. Ozzy looked pretty bad in the pre-game show. The Rolling Stones looked... old. Someone on the radio called them the Strolling Bones. I had to laugh when I saw Ronnie Wood wearing a guitar strap with a skeleton on it. At least they don't take themselves too seriously. That's to be admired. But now, those Super Bowl champs looked pretty good!

Looking forward to the baptism service and church picnic on Sunday. Lord, will you bless us once again with a magnificent experience? I've always thought the lakeside baptisms have been a real highlight in our journey as a church family.

Great conversations happening with a number of people on all fronts. Father, thank you for the blessing that these friends are to me, and for the nourishment these discussions are to our souls - to my soul!

On with the remainder of this Friday.


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