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Friday, September 23, 2005

I Finally Got A Harley

Well, it's not the great American Hog I had hoped for, but there is indeed a Harley residing at the Shaw's household.

This little Hog is what they call a 'Poo-chi', a mixture of a poodle and one of those 'Yo-quiero Taco Bell' dogs. We picked him up at Logan International Wednesday night. He hopped a Northwest flight from Milwaukee.

We've outfitted him with a black leather collar with big stainless steel spikes on it AND a Harley Davidson logo leash.

I'm liking the little guy, so far. And we'll continue to get along well as long as he doesn't poo-chi on my floor.


  • haha!!! pastor darin hes adorable, im still a little in shock that you have a dog that is part chiuhauhua i thought seeing all the dogs at my house would have changed all that ;-) cute name too!

    By amanda, at 9/23/2005 12:41 PM  

  • He's so cute!!! so that's what our pups would look like if we got Teeny and Frankie together??!! haha!!! enjoy him...keep on the potty training though!!

    By Denise, at 9/24/2005 1:43 PM  

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