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Friday, September 30, 2005

A Namibia Experience In Song

There was a time long ago that I fancied myself a singer and songwriter. Then I cut my hair and got a real job. What once was a regular occurrence, I'm guessing it has been at least 15 years since I sat down with a guitar and penned a new original song.

As a dad, I have a hard time watching Amanda and Katie dance without tears in my eyes. I recognize the beauty and artistry of God in them, the way He has uniquely made and gifted them. In Namibia I emotionally adopted 13 more dancing daughters. I didn't make it through one of their performances without crying like a baby.

The first couple of verses come out of my journal as the trip began. The third verse came from a comment that Jaimie made after the girls' first performance. The bridge is the result of some great conversations I had with the girls who rode in my van. The chorus is written by this dad, who is sure our heavenly Dad loves to watch His girls dance!

So, the song is called Dance and you can play the MP3 by clicking on that title. If you want you can read the lyrics here.


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