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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Potty-Gate? Give Me A Break!

In another example of how ridiculous news coverage can be these days, the hottest story on the wire today is a Reuters photo showing President Bush writing a note to Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice stating "I may need a bathroom break."

Stop the presses! We've got news now. The President of the United States... goes to the bathroom. Follow this link to see the picture that started it all.

Imagine where this 'story' will go in the next 24 hours. Political opponents will sound off on this - "It demonstrates President Bush's diplomatic ineptitude!" Hollywood is sure to react. Alec Baldwin will announce that he's ashamed (again) to be an American. Michael Moore will make a movie about it. Rap Artist Kanye West will likely declare that since Condoleeza Rice is an African American, and President Bush gave her the note, that it proves he was right last week to call President Bush a racist.

I have more thoughts to share on this... but I may need a bathroom break.


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