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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Quarterback Shuffle

In a New York Minute I went from goat to gloat last week, my stellar 13-1 outing rights my season tally to a more respectable 25-21. A friend warned that "pride goeth before a fall". So be looking for the new, gentler, more humble me surfacing here.

The QB carousel is spinning in Jersey. Having lost both their starter and their back-up arms to injury, and faced with handing the ball to Brooks Bollinger (Who?) for the foreseeable future, the Jets went out and signed 74 year old Vinny Testaverde. Then, to fill the stable they added another stallion, Kliff Kingsbury. Look for Brooks to hold the job only as long as it takes Vinny to return circulation to his extremities, and then watch Vinny and the Jets make it respectable. A QB wanting on the carousel is the Chargers' Philip Rivers. Shame on the guy for stealing all the headlines after the Chargers' big prime-time win by sounding off that he "will be a starter, somewhere, next year". Frustrated that he's not playing, Philip has lots of time to remember the lengthy rookie holdout that all but handed the keys back to Drew Brees who was, before Rivers' holdout, on a fast train out of town. Now, all Brees has done is become last year's Pro-Bowl, Comeback Player of the Year, leading his team deep into the playoffs. Oops! Agent gave you some bad advice, eh Phil? Don't feel bad for the guy. He will deposit 15.9 million for his two seasons of bench riding. Where do I sign up for that job?

Here's something to watch: Donovan McNabb. I chastised Eagles coach Andy Reid on Tuesday for his decision to play K David Akers when he was injured. The Eagles announced that McNabb will play the rest of the season with a painful sports hernia that will require surgery to repair. Here's my humble (see that?) opinion: McNabb has played injured before - and it has shown up in his performance. The question is, is McNabb at 70% better than 100% of Koy Detmer? Something else to watch: The NFL is going to Mexico. For the first time ever, a regular season game will be played outside USA borders. The Arizona Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers are playing in Mexico City on Sunday. Nothing like the schedule makers sending our Mexican neighbors a dandy contest! How many pesos would you spend to sleep thru that game? And the week the NFL goes to Mexico, the Saints come marching in at the Alamodome. Go figure. Oh yes, the picks - get to the picks funny man...

Having switched to a smaller font size (sense the humility?), here are those "remember the Alamo, Viva-Mexico! but don't drink the water, bet-your-sombrero-Miguel-picks" for week 4: San Antonio Saints over Bills, Jaguars over Broncos, Bucs over Lions, Bengals over Texans, Colts over Titans, Patriots over Chargers, Seahawks over Native Americans, East Rutherford Giants over Rams, Ravens over Jets, Raiders over Cowboys, Falcons over Vikings, Eagles over Chiefs, Mexico City Cardinals over 49ers, Packers over Panthers


  • Sports announcers, commentators, analysts, etc. all get paid the big bucks, too. Funny ones get paid even more, I hear! If you ever lose your "day" job.....Ha!Ha!
    Thanks for the entertainment!

    By Jackie, at 9/29/2005 1:19 PM  

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