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"Those who have the disease called Jesus will never be cured" ~Old Russian Proverb

Monday, September 05, 2005

A Shared Journey

I hope you've read the postings that have been made and all of the comments that are being contributed. This morning I read the comments daven posted on the Sunday Morning entry. He's given us a testimony of how God knows our needs and meets us in very particular ways. He referenced the comments diann left on the Nature of God entry. She had shared experiences of God meeting her in trials and difficult seasons, and how those times can be so meaningful to our spiritual journey.

I marvel at the wonder of it all. God blesses me often with testimonies like these: hearing that the experiences of others are similar to mine, being reassured that my struggles are not unique to me, and being reminded that we are all imperfect people longing for deeper relationship with a perfect God.

A little hit counter tells our web-tech that our conversation here is being viewed by dozens of folks each day. It gives us neat little details like first time visitors, repeat visitors and stuff like that. However, it doesn't give us all the benefit of hearing your thoughts and experiences unless you post a comment. So, if you're here, I hope you'll muster the courage to join in. You are an important player in this scene of God's epic! So join the conversation. Share the journey.


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