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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Such A Privilege

Winding down on Sunday afternoons gives me the time to really consider how fortunate I am to be a part of a great team on Sunday mornings. Of course, most visible are our team of musicians, who each week make what I do so easy by leading us so powerfully into the Lord's presence. Each week it seems that there is something special going on behind the scenes. This morning it was Kirk Griffin playing percussion while he's sick, so sick in fact that he wasn't able to rehearse with the team yesterday. There are also our technical folks. This morning Jim wrestled with the lapel mic that has been giving us fits on the sound board. Daniel was dealt a difficult assignment with the visuals today, as the bulb is in its last few minutes of bulb-life, causing the projector to arbitrarily shut off numerous times during the two services. Yet, these guys worked hard so that the distractions for you and me were a minimum. Did you notice Daniel conserving the bulb between songs?

Then there is Carey moving behind the scenes all morning long, making sure the building is ready before the services, and that needs are met during the services. I didn't get to see who was on the coffee and refreshment tasks today (some of these folks literally go unnoticed in their serving), but that was all taken care of and made for a great fellowship backdrop.

I spoke with the children of a family that visited Christ's Church today. I asked them how Kid's Connection went. One boy said, "I loved it!" That's because Pam, Pauline, Cathy, Nancy and a handfull of volunteers have put so much into meeting the needs of our children.

So often I hear the good reports - you who have really made it happen don't. You all make what I do a real blessing. It's great to be a part of such an awesome team.


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