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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Tuesday Morning Quarterback (wk.2)

I was a little more respectable with my picks at 9-7 this week. But, don't miss the trend!

Look at the teams that are a perfect 2-0. There are a couple of teams that we would have expected to be perfect 2 weeks in. But this list includes the Giants, Native Americans, Bengals and Buccaneers. Wow, talk about parody in the NFL. And how about some of those teams that haven't found a way into the win column yet? The Vikings, Packers, Ravens and Chargers? This year's playoff picture could be very interesting.

Keep an eye on a couple of developing stories in the coming weeks. The first is Cedric Benson of 'drafted number four overall, holding out so as to miss all of training camp' fame is still sitting and watching journeyman RB Thomas Jones rack up huge rushing numbers in Chicago. Cedric, it's too bad you didn't get the money you wanted, but look at the bright side - at least you're not having to work for it. The other developing story is in Baltimore. Jim Fassel was hired to bring his magic to the Ravens offense. So far the only magic has been the disappearance of offense in Baltimore. Jamaal Lewis carried the ball 10 times for 9 yards Sunday. Word is that there is turmoil in the clubhouse.

Cheers: Houston Texans for firing their offensive coordinator Chris Palmer after just 2 games. Let there be no doubt, his performance was offensive! His offense has allowed David Carr to be sacked 13 times and hit countless times in just 2 games. The highlight reel each week is this kid scraping himself off the turf on every play. Cheers also to 75 year old Mark Brunell for his inspiring fourth quarter comeback to surprise the Cowpokes in Dallas. It took the old man a few quarters to get all his replacement parts lubed up, but once he got it all in motion he looked like a young Mark Brunell. My Week 2 Player of the Week: Eagles LB Mike Simoneau (6'0" - 245lbs) who lined up and successfully kicked an extra point when K David Akers sustained a hamstring injury. There's nothing like seeing a huge LB line up to kick a ball!

Jeers: Houston Texans for replacing their fired offensive coordinator with their offensive line coach Joe Pendry. Offensive line coach? The same guy who has led the offensive line that has given up 13 sacks and countless hits to QB David Carr in just 2 games? I'll bet David Carr is LOVING this move! Jeers also to Coach Bill Belichick and his booth staff for botching not one, but two, sure-fire instant replay opportunities in their loss to Carolina. How is it that every fan in America and the game's commentators agreed that Stephen Davis didn't score and that Tom Brady was in the act of throwing and no Patriot staffer upstairs thought to radio Belichick to throw the red flag? Yeesh! My week 2 Goat of the Week: Once again... Me. Here I was making fun of 75 year old Mark Brunell and he goes and wins the game on the road for the Native Americans. I was raised to treat the elderly with more respect than that. Don't forget to check back on Thursday when my week three picks will invade this space.


  • A possible cheers vs. jeers situation brewing down the road is Bill Cowher's handling of Willie Parker. If Parker continues to produce as he has in the first two weeks HE HAS TO STAY IN THE STARTER'S ROLE. If Cowher keeps Parker there instead of relying on old favorite Bettis or going back to Duce, then cheers to him.

    However, if Parker continues to produce but Big Chin decides to go back to his vets out of loyalty or fear, then jeers to him.

    By Jason, at 9/21/2005 8:23 AM  

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    By Shari, at 9/21/2005 8:35 AM  

  • OK, sweetheart, let's not forget cheers for the Bucs rookie "Cadillac" Williams for his amazing show of strength in Sunday's game. I lost count of how many defenders he drug along with him! He has definitely proven himself a worthy replacement for Alstott when he retires next year. And he's fast too!

    By Shari, at 9/21/2005 12:18 PM  

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