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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Tuesday Morning Quarterback

Well I've demonstrated that I am rusty coming off the off-season. If you did the math you'd see that I was a woeful 3-13 in picking this past weekend's games. You have to give me somewhat of a break though, no one could have predicted some of those amazing upsets. The 49ers???

There were a couple of very key injuries. The Panthers lost their defensive tackle Kris Jenkins for the year with a torn ACL. This guy is the key ingredient on the defensive side of the ball, and missed 12 games last year with an injury (remember how lost they were without him?). Perhaps the biggest blow was suffered in Green Bay, where the Packers lost reciever Javon Walker for the year, also with an ACL tear. Javon briefly held out of training camp wanting an improved contract. During his holdout he said, "You never know when you'll suffer a season ending injury, so you need to look out for yourself." Very sad irony there. He didn't get a new contract by the way. He'll receive $525,000 this year while he recovers.

My vision improves as I look back upon the action that has occurred. Here's my take on week one happenings:

The Jets looked pathetic. They are installing a new offense, and it was very clear that it caused them great pains. How about 6 fumbles, 4 of them on center to quarterback exchanges? The Saints became America's Team... for a week anyway. Now the challenge for Haslett and company will be to keep that momentum and emotion on their side. With three games requiring airplane rides to start the season (this week's game is technically a Saints home game, but is being played in East Rutherford NJ), and then playing their remaining home games in Baton Rouge and San Antonio, it looks to be a huge challenge. How about my Bucs winning in Minnesota? Did anyone get the license plate of that Cadillac that rolled for 148 yards in his rookie debut?

Cheers: Randy Moss for making it through week one without mooning anyone. Terrell Owens for playing week one without being sent home for whining. And my player of the week: Steelers' running back Willie Parker (Who?) for his 161 yard performance forced into action from the third string due to injuries.

Jeers: Coach Joe Gibbs for deciding to yank Patrick Ramsey after week one in favor of 62 year old Mark Brunell. Then again, maybe jeers to Coach Gibbs for coming into this season thinking either Ramsey or Brunell was his answer at quarterback. Dolphin runningback Ricky Williams, for serving the first game of his four game suspension for his around-the-world-pot-testing-tour. Spark it up, Ricky! And my goat of the week: Me! For a miserable 3-13 start to the season. How could I have ever picked against the Giants, in New York (NJ) on 9/11. Oh the shame! Look for me to step it up for week two on Thursday!


  • HEY! Don't be pickin' on my man Brunell! I watched him play at the U of Wash. Oh, wait, I'm older than he is which would make me 85...

    As Roseanne Rosanna Danna used to say...

    "Never mind..."


    By Higher Up, Further In, at 9/13/2005 11:38 AM  

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