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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Upon Further Review

For anyone who watches professional football, looking back on week one of the 2005 season has to have you scratching your head.

We had a starting QB yanked after three series in Washington; we saw a Chad Pennington fumble (1); we watched fans cheer an injury to their starting QB in Baltimore; we saw another Chad Pennington fumble (2); we witnessed fans in Carolina give a standing ovation to their opponents - the New Orleans Saints; we saw another Chad Pennington fumble (3); the Saints actually beat the Panthers; we saw still another Chad Pennington fumble (4); we saw a flag thrown by a referee 20 minutes BEFORE the start of a game in Philly and 2 players ejected; we saw yet another Chad Pennington fumble (5); we heard Ozzy Ozbourne sing (well, sort of) at a Patriots game; and we saw Chad... oh you get it by now (6); AND most troubling of all, we saw the human and fallible side of my football prognosticating prowess, as I went 3-13 overall.

Have no fear sports fan. While last week left you scratching your head, this week will leave you speechless and drooling on your remote control.

For starters, we have two Monday night games. The first, we have a 'home game' for the New Orleans Saints in East Rutherford NJ. They're playing the East Rutherford Giants, by the way, who will cross the field and use the visitors locker room and side line (enter Twilight Zone music). Word is that some of those sharp Giants fans called their travel agents to see if there was a special group airline/hotel/rental car package to 'travel to the away game'... and they're selling like mad. Can you imagine being at the game and overhearing some Giants' fans: "Whoa! This place looks a lot like Giants' Stadium". Then we have Cowboys vs Native Americans on Monday night. The best viewing may well be the protestors outside the stadium with placards decrying the racism that the Redskins... ahem, Native Americans', name and logo communicates. But most stunning of all, we will all wake up to the reality Tuesday morning that I have regained my forecasting form with a marvelous 13-3 win/loss record for week two. So, have that drooling towel handy, friends! Here we go.

For my daughter Amanda and her friend Lori, these are my 'rock solid, bite 'em on the butt, sweet Jesus and tackle your dad' picks for week 2: Titans over Ravens, Bucs over Bills, Lions over Bears, Colts over Jaguars, Vikings over Bengals, Patriots over Panthers, Steelers over Texans, Eagles over 49ers, Seahawks over Falcons, Rams over Cardinals, Packers over Browns, Jets over Dolphins, Chargers over Broncos, Raiders over Chiefs, East Rutherford Giants over East Rutherford Saints, Cowboys over Native Americans (and Native American fans over protestors, decisively!).


  • Pastor Darin,

    Are you sure you want to stick your neck out and go public with your picks every week?? This could get very interesting!!

    By Jackie, at 9/15/2005 1:24 PM  

  • Does anyone out there remember what the Biblical standard for prophecy is???

    And let's see, what HAPPENS to the prophet who utters a prophecy that does not come true?



    By Higher Up, Further In, at 9/16/2005 11:34 AM  

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