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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Zone Blitz

Ah, yes, football fanatics, it was a perfectly executed Zone Blitz that caught young J.P. Losman off guard on his own 2 yard line, resulting in Tampa Bay's scoring a safety to draw first blood against Buffalo. In a Zone Blitz people who normally drop to cover pass patterns actually blitz the passer while people who normally rush the passer drop into pass coverage, responsible for a small slice of the field, or a zone. It is a risk for sure because you will wind up with some 290 pound lineman responsible to cover a 180 pound receiver. BUT, when you toss it at a young and inexperienced QB at a nerve-wracking point on the field, the gamble often pays off.

Week 2 is in the books and already the sharks are circling around some coaches. Texans Head Coach Dom Capers temporarily saved himself by chumming the waters with the blood of his offensive coordinator. New Vikings owner Ziggy Wipf (no, I'm not making that up) came out and gave Head Coach Mike Tice a 'vote of confidence'. For my thinking, any coach who needs a public vote of confidence from his team owner after two games should be contacting realtors. And, no one is saying it, but the shark is in the harbor in Baltimore. You heard it here first: Brian Billick and his staff are losing the confidence of their players. Brian ought to be hearing that scary JAWS music in his sleep.

But Week 3 offers some folks another chance at a Zone Blitz - taking some risks and scoring some points! The Steelers take a risk at putting their streak on the line against the champs. The Packers take the risk of being 0-3 for the first time in generations to the field against the last team to be champs before THE champs. The Denver Broncos will send their tender Champ, Champ Bailey on the field to defend the pass against the Chiefs. Realizing he played last week with a very painful, lingering shoulder injury, he played very well and even made a key interception. You're a Champ!

On a serious note: One team who will be taking no risks this weekend is the Houston Texans. The organization has told team members and their families to leave the area in preparation for Hurricane Rita's arrival. What a way to spend your 'bye' week. I am praying for the Texans and their fans as well as the citizens of Houston and surrounding areas. Join me!

Time for me to take some risk. I've looked at my record (12-20) thus far and decided the time is right for an all out Zone Blitz. I'm throwing the fat guys into coverage and bringing a wave of skinnies at ya! So here are the picks you've been waiting for:

In a 'can't-miss, beat-you-with-a-wave-of-skinnies, score-and-toss-the-carcus-to-the-sharks' special: Falcons over Bills, Panthers over Dolphins, Bengals over Bears, Jaguars over Jets, Vikings over Saints, Eagles over Raiders, Bucs over Packers, Rams over Titans, Seahawks over Cardinals, Cowboys over 49ers, Patriots over Steelers, Chargers over Giants, Broncos over Chiefs. Bye: Native Americans: resting 95 year old Mark Brunell, Lions: still counting all Joey Harrington's interceptions on last weeks films, Ravens: infighting, and Texans: our prayers are with you!


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