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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Ash Wednesday in the Church

Today is the official start of the season of Lent in the church calendar year. Lent has not been observed as devoutly in evangelical Christianity because of its ties with liturgical worship style, a style of worship most evangelical churches have moved away from. Much of our heritage as Christians, however, included high liturgy and church calendar year observance.

Briefly, Lent spans the 40 weekdays beginning with Ash Wednesday and ending in Holy Week (Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday). Lent is primarily a season in which the church prepares to celebrate the Lord's death, burial and resurrection. It is marked by repentance, prayer and fasting. Many believers will go to church today, Ash Wednesday, and have ashes mark their foreheads as a symbol of penitence to accompany the beginning of this season. Ash Wednesday is intended to be a day of great self-examination and reflection.

Whether you observe Ash Wednesday or not, do recognize the significance ~ we live our lives in relationship to a Holy God, who has made us, placed us in the place of our habitation, and loves us more than we can imagine. Our lives ought to reflect that truth.


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