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Thursday, March 02, 2006

A Bigoted Homophobe

Across a lifetime of acquaintances and friendships (a number of them with homosexuals), you won’t find anyone who would charge that I am a homophobe or bigot. Yet, people who have never heard of me would have you believe that is who I am.

Outspoken same-sex marriage proponent Scott Bidstrup articulates the pat accusation: “Opposition to gay-marriage stems ultimately from deep-seated homophobia, borne of religious bigotry”. How is it that we cherish our liberties in America, to hold and express different opinions, but if you voice opposition to gay-marriage you’re a homophobic bigot?

Opposition to same-sex marriage is neither phobia nor prejudice. Those emotionally charged labels are erroneously applied to undermine and disqualify opposing views – especially when those views illuminate true motives underlying the cause.

Here’s one. It is not for the legal, financial or health benefits, nor is it the stability and exclusivity of a marital covenant that are the goal of the same-sex marriage campaign. Marriage, rather, is coveted as a psychological jewel to change society’s perception of homosexuality. This is why Civil Unions and Domestic Partnerships are not enough.

Read Bidstrup’s words concerning medical decisions and gay couples: “Often family members who have been estranged from us for decades, who are hostile towards us, totally ignore our wishes regarding the treatment of our partners”. Those words convey an underlying longing that marriage would bring added credibility to same-sex relationships, into those broken familial relations. If it were simply about legalities, any remedy, signed affidavits to legislative provision, could suffice. Recently, arguing against a Constitutional Amendment to forever define marriage as a relationship between one man and one woman, NH State Representative Steve Vaillancourt was quoted, “Gay people are against this because they want to be recognized as human and capable of love like everyone else.” In other words, same-sex marriage would further validate the homosexual lifestyle.

The fact is that marriage is understood by society (gay and straight) to be more than just a legal contract. There is a certain social recognition that comes along with marriage that is not part and parcel to Civil Unions, Domestic Partnerships or Common-Law relationships. This is precisely why marriage should not be redefined, but should be protected.

No one has ever heard me say that someone who is homosexual is any less human or any less capable of love than I am. I don’t believe that. Nor do I believe that marriage is the only means to meet the legal, financial or health concerns of gay couples. Nor do I believe that marriage should be redefined to validate a lifestyle. Lastly, I’ll plead that you’d get to know me before you label me a homophobe or bigot.


  • I know you're not a homophobe or a bigot. I know some people question my friendship with one of my parents friends, who is an openly gay man. As I was heading out to the mission field, he asked me about the mission and wheter it was "conservative" or not. I told him that, yes, I my church and mission would be labeled "conservative." He then went on to say in amazement that I was the only Christian who he considered a friend. i was th eonly Christian he knew who not only would give him the time of day, but would just hango out with him as a friend. That made me so sad. Still does...

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