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"Those who have the disease called Jesus will never be cured" ~Old Russian Proverb

Monday, March 06, 2006

Defining Success pt. 1

Yesterday we considered Matthew 16:21-28 and the tendency we have to look at things from our human perspective and act in ignorance of what God is doing.

Jesus ended his dialogue with Peter by demonstrating the profound differences between 'the things of God and the things of man' (v. 24-28). He teaches, "to try to save your life is to lose it, while to give up your life is to save it" in verse 25. In so doing He reminds us that in Christ we live and learn in paradoxes. His ways are so very different from ours. Consider these:

In Christ...
* the way up is the way down
* to be low is to be raised high
* to be broken is to be healed
* the contrite spirit is a rejoicing spirit
* the repentant heart is the victorious heart
* to have nothing is to possess all
* to bear the cross is to wear a crown
* to give is to receive
* to be last is to be first
* to become the greatest you must become the least
* to die is to live


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