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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Parson to Person

#22 ~ An ongoing 'imaginative/non-fictional' series.

Neither the Dukes or the Wrights showed up for our Christmas Eve service. Robin walked in and I was surprised to see Tre with her. Behind them were a couple of the other waitresses from the Diner, Bette and Stacy. I remembered how nervous Robin looked when she first visited Covenant. This crew looked every bit as nervous. I went to meet them and thank them all for coming.

“Merry Christmas Parson” Tre offered. “Robin said for Christmas she wanted us all to come to church with her. So, what’s the program? Where do I sit?”
Robin jabbed him, “You heathen! What? Have you never been in a church before?”

Sarah grabbed my arm and pointed out that Jesse and Jessi were walking in the door. They too looked nervous. I suppose it’s just unfamiliarity: not being sure where to sit, when to rise, what to do during different parts of the service.

Then the Santiago family came in. Dani met them at the door and brought them over to me. After we exchanged greetings, Dani said, “Dad, Mr. Santiago can give you directions to St. Boniface.” ‘Great’, I thought. Unless I come up with a grand excuse it appears I am going to take in my first Catholic Mass at midnight.

Christmas Eve really turned out wonderfully. The Cherub Choir sang during the service. Abby had let it be known this was her last year singing with the Cherub group. At 10, she was feeling ‘aged out’ of the choir. I appreciated this as perhaps my last chance to see one of my girls in the Children’s program. As usual our traditional family dinner and late night drive were special to me. I think I was most touched that Dani seemed to still appreciate the time with us. And, we saw some crazy light displays. We’d judge them as we went, mocking those that looked like someone stood back and threw lights at their house. Tacky!

As the midnight hour approached Dani and I made our way to St. Boniface. It was much bigger than I imagined. It was beautiful. ‘These Catholics sure know how to do church buildings’, I thought. As we walked in I spotted Hector and Lucienne. They motioned to us to join them. I wondered if the fact that I was nervous was written all over my face like I often see in visitors to Covenant. We took our seats and I prayed, “Lord, what am I in for?”


  • to be a light in a dark place

    By Anonymous, at 3/29/2006 7:56 AM  

  • :) Sounds a bit like our Christmas Eve experience...

    I'd invited the ex-boyfriend of my eldest to CCA's service... he's been my friend far before he was her b-friend...

    His church experience has been pretty bad in the past... I didn't expect to see him.

    But he was still trying to re-establish with my kiddo... so as we're headed out the door, he drops by.

    I assumed (duh, am I ever stupid) that he had come to go to the service with us...

    uh... right.

    Oh well... he thought we were the strangest church he'd ever been in. I mean really, rock and roll, a mullet and a goatee!


    By Higher Up, Further In, at 3/31/2006 11:25 AM  

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