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Monday, November 27, 2006

Thought Provocation & Discussion Fodder

You Tube, and viral video sites like it, is changing the world we live in. A few weeks ago it was Ted Haggard's confession-lite and the interviews with his accuser. Last week it was the comedian Michael Richards and the tirade seen around the world. Then there is this story: a teacher caught on film in the middle of a classroom tantrum. Do you think this voyeuristic world is a better place now that everyone is armed with video and camera phones?

Hurricane Season ends Thursday. Do you remember all the doom and gloom forecasts? 'Worst season in history expected!' 'At least 17 KILLER Storms!' 'Global Warming!!!!' Oops. 9 storms in all, and only 3 of them saw landfall anywhere. Barring a last minute barrage, this will go down as the quietest Hurricane Season on record. Global warming? How about Global Whining?

The Colossians Remixed Forum has new updates. Give it a visit. Check in on the conversation.

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