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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

What's On My Mind

Inside my head - it is a scary place to be.

Election Returns - I confess I am a little more than mildly interested in politics and this mid-term election has me engaged. I cannot wait to see how things go tonight. I'm praying about it. Of course, I got out and did my part. I hope you did!

Preacher/Governor - On my NFL Blog this morning I announced my write-in-candidacy for Governor of NH (any state, really). Do you suppose anyone who reads my football blog will actually vote for me? I may be in for a job change, eh? I mean, how many votes would it take to become Governor of, say... Idaho?

Ted Haggard - I'm not so surprised he (or any Christian) fell. I, like every other believer, know myself to be 'prone to wander' away from God's goodness, as a great old hymn confesses. What has perplexed me about the situation is that Ted allowed himself to become a most visible and leading voice against the very behavior he appears to have been practicing. I imagine that I would be quite content to keep my mouth shut in matters that approached my own sinful struggles... hoping someone would change the topic. What? Me? Who? No comment.

This Blog - I'm wondering if I ought to write something on the whole Ted Haggard story here - a Pastor's perspective perhaps, or if we've heard and seen more than enough.

Sally Long - I just saw her over at the Voting Precinct. Sally serves our community in so many ways. I'm proud to know her. Thanks Sally!

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