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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Best Of 2006

So, let's look over our shoulders. What were the Best of 2006 for you? I'll post my answers as the first comment below.

1. Best movie you saw?
2. Best CD you bought?
3. Best book you read?
4. Best purchase you made?
5. Best gift you received?
6. Best week?
7. Best month?
8. Best experience (or set of experiences)?
9. Best event you attended?
10. Best memory you'll carry forward?

Take a few moments and chime in. Thanks!

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  • 1. Rocky Balboa
    2. Chicago XXX
    3. Secret Message of Jesus, McLaren
    4. I don't know, but I'll bet I ate it.
    5. Several CCA families gathered the money for my family to see the Boston Ballet production of the Nutcracker. It was amazing for us all. Thank you!
    6. It was one of the two weeks my family and I spent in NC. Can't wait to get back there again!
    7. July - it was Namibia and NC all in one month. Can anyone be so fortunate?
    8. Sharing the trip to Namibia this year with my wife Shari. A dream come true!
    9. My mom's 75th birthday party in September, the whole family together, and a great Mom.
    10. Many to choose from... Easter Sunday at CCA; Making the Last Cigarette video with the girls; dates with Shari, all at the top of the list.

    By Darin, at 1/11/2007 11:33 AM  

  • 1. I haven't seen any new ones!
    2. Ashley Cleveland - lessons of love
    3. The Lovely Bones
    4. my dog crate
    5. Prince - purple rain CD
    6. Spring break in florida on furlough
    7. June, when I left IT
    8. Decision process of moving to Zagreb
    9. Being at my church during furlough
    10. the love and prayers of my family and friends and supporters :)

    By Anonymous, at 1/11/2007 2:25 PM  

    1. Uhhh... I can't remember what was out earlier in the year... "Pursuit of Happyness" and "Blood Diamond" were good recent ones.
    2. I can't decide.
    3. There has been a few, but I'd say that "Captivating" by Stasi & John Elderidge spoke to me more than I ever would've imagined... and it was really a God thing that I even bought it.
    4. Purchase? I'll cop out... trip to Namibia...
    5. A framed picture... :-)
    6/7/8. Well, I will have to say Namibia '06. God really set me straight with how I've been interacting with Him, how it came to be and how it affects others. Even though it was an extremely emotional trip... it was ALL good, not easy, but good. Romans 8:28
    9. Volunteer Appreciation Banquet... I love our yearly themes and this one was spectacular!!! makes "hell week" all worth wild!!!
    10. It was a moment that really made me feel loved at one of the lowest parts of an adventurous journey.

    Love ~G

    By germaine, at 1/11/2007 6:09 PM  

  • #1) Nobody puts Baby in a corner...does watching Dirty Dancing on The Family Channel 10 times this year count?
    #1a) Do short films qualify? Noomas!!!
    #2) Best CD I "borrowed" from Steph---Crowder's Illuminate
    #3) Best books in progress? My NLT, NIV, and Message versions of The Bible!
    #3a) Best book I didn't read? Colossians Remixed
    #4-10)My trip to Namibia! The Thelma and Louise roadtrip will be forever in my heart.

    By Jackie, at 1/11/2007 11:21 PM  

  • 1. Last Castle, Constant Gardner (can't decide)

    2. Hill Song United (the newest one, can't remember the title)

    3. Blue Like Jazz

    4. Used dishwasher

    5. Winter Parking passes. Gotta love living in the city.

    6. Christmas with family

    7. Best month? ???

    8. Namibia

    9. Med Send Banquet. Great speaker!

    10. Namibia and how amazing it was to worship and pray together with people we've never met before.

    By Lisa Andreasen, at 1/12/2007 10:06 AM  

  • 1 The Last Samurai
    2 Michale Bolton -Only a woman like you
    3 The four agreements
    4 The red Tama kit that went to Namibia ( that kit is anointed!)
    5 Hugs from true friends
    6 Too many, even bad ones are good.
    7 Namibia, then North Carolina, and one more step in the Atlantic ocean from the best beach in the world, Daytona!!
    8 ha ha , read my book when it comes out!
    9 Sunday services, Black belt ceremony, testing nights, etc...
    10 When a young girl told me I was indeed forgiven, and to stand.


    By Sumner, at 1/13/2007 5:46 PM  

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