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Monday, January 22, 2007

The Bluest Day Of The Year

Welcome to the worst day of the year! Some scientist in England has determined that today - January 22nd, is the most depression ridden day of the year. He used some math to work it out, suggesting that the combination of winter weather, Christmas bills, failed New Year's resolutions, holiday weight gain, and a number of other things come together to make this day the pits. Boring reading, but here's a link if you're interested.

So, what can you do to brighten this day? Here are some suggestions.

First of all, if winter is a part of the equation, plan a trip to a place where winter is not. It's summer right now in Namibia, for instance. Look at my friend Don's blog. He's there right now and he's loving life. Hop a plane, man!

Secondly, if Christmas bills are giving you the blues, get proactive for next Christmas. Start a plan now to shop for gifts through the year, as you have a little cash here and there. That will spread the gift-giving cheer through the whole year - making you feel like Santa everyday. He's a jolly old fellow. Ever seen him depressed?

If it's broken resolutions that have you discouraged, think like a good Baptist! There's an altar-call every weekend! Come back to the fount of forgiveness. A new beginning awaits you! Get born again, again! I'm just kidding, that's humor not theology. But the truth is that today is as good a day as January 1st to take some positive steps in your life. And when you trip and fall next week, that will be as good a day to start over as you could ever ask for. Here's a tip - find a friend to share making changes with you. There's nothing quite like a shared journey.

Have a great 'Blue Monday'.

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  • haha.. your so bad! for your information i've been going to Baptist Church for a year and a half now and have yet to see an altar call! hehe... just teasing! Although if anyone does feel the need to come into that atmosphere come visit me! :-)

    funny i'm having a great day so far despite the fact that i've been sick since I've been back to school. oh the joys of living in a dorm :-)

    miss you all!

    By Anonymous, at 1/22/2007 12:59 PM  

  • Im doing ok I guess, I can relate to somethings, but everything is everything i guess.

    By Sumner, at 1/22/2007 1:45 PM  

  • And it certainly is a blue day if you are a Pat's fan.......

    By Anonymous, at 1/22/2007 2:36 PM  

  • I did not mean to be anonymous---just clicked too fast! It was a great game in the midst of great company!

    Amanda, I have yet to see an altar call myself! Hope you feel better soon! Miss you! When's your next visit?

    Dave, Did you get a call from those wrestling people yet?

    By Jackie, at 1/22/2007 2:58 PM  

  • aww thanks jackie! :-) i miss you too! umm... next visit... i'm not sure... I'm sure I will come visit either mid february or sometime in March, hehe... if not it will be easter time, cuz I'm going on a road trip to visit a friend's house in Ohio for spring break instead of coming home. (i'm so excited, she's taking me shopping to get cowboy boots and a hat that way when I go to texas someday i will be ready! :-) But knowing me and how much I love all you guys, I will probably be visiting soon. I mean what would pastor darin do with himself if I outbroke my three week record ;-)

    by the way jackie, Don sent me an IM from Arandis today! how crazy is that! You going to a certain meeting coming up? :-)

    By Anonymous, at 1/22/2007 6:49 PM  

  • PS: the pats game was such a bummer :-( I haven't gotten into a game like that in so long. Not to mention I was in a room with guys and girls all rooting for the colts, so I made sure I was plenty loud in the cheering :-) sad times, but next year!

    By Anonymous, at 1/22/2007 6:58 PM  

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