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Monday, January 01, 2007

The Kingdom of God

The phrase 'Kingdom of God' appears in the New Testament more than 100 times. It is associated with a number of very difficult statements in Scripture. Jesus most often taught of the Kingdom in parables. Differing understandings and interpretations of the Kingdom of God have been at the center of theological divisions in Christendom since the earliest days of the church.

In 2007 we will consider a number of studies together on the definition, nature and reach of the Kingdom of God. What is it and why is that important to us? What bearing does it all have on our lives here in the 21st Century?

I found this little internet quiz that will tell you what you're presently thinking about the Kingdom of God. Give it a whirl for fun.

What questions would you like to have answered concerning the Kingdom of God as we study together in 2007?

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