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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

News Items / Scratch Your Head

I cannot make it up any better than this: New York has figured out what stinks. It's New Jersey. I'm not lying. The NY Post reported it today. Here's the link. Get your Jersey jokes ready. Have you noticed a little smell down around the Massachusetts border lately?

Rosie Unhinged? First it was the Donald. Now Rosie is calling Barbara Walters a liar. Now, word to Rosie... Barbara signs your checks, not a good thing to call her names. Here's the news item. My how Sillywood sounds like the church sometimes. By the way, I referenced Oprah yesterday in tags and had a bunch of new visitors sniff out my page. Coincidence? So, today I'll try Rosie and Barbara and see what happens.

In Australia they have put humans on display in a zoo. Here's the story. Ah, in the name of conservation! No kidding, my family and I visited the National Zoo in Washington DC a couple of years ago during a blistering hot July day. There was an empty seal tank. The water was so tempting and beautifully blue, I offered to the National Zoo staff to strip to a bathing suit and float around on a raft with a cold drink - under a sign that read, 'American On Vacation'. They refused my offer. It could have been big!

Don't mess with librarians in South Carolina! Love the last sentence... Do ya' think?

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  • Wow ...There is some crazy stuff out there! Just for fun check out the web site at the zoo. Go to
    They have bios on all the participants and a live web cam , although the cam is not working at the moment. I doubt any of them would be as amusing as Pastor Darin would have been

    By Steve, at 1/12/2007 12:22 PM  

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