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Friday, January 19, 2007

Parson To Person

Part 5 of Season 2 - An imaginative/non-fictional series. There has been some confusion about this series of postings. Note that the content of this story is real - it's happening everywhere, maybe even in your part of God's story. The characters and settings are imagined. We will have the entire story thus far available in one document shortly. I hope that you enjoy the series with me.

My visit with Peggy confirmed my suspicions. Her brother-in-law Charles was objecting to Peg’s desire that Roger have a Christian funeral. “My brother wasn’t one of those born-again nut cases. He saw through all that religious crap. He only went to church to make you happy”, Charles had told Peggy. “You make it some religious service and his family – the people who knew and loved him best – won’t be there!” I had nothing to offer Peggy other than advising her to give Charles a little time, that maybe we could try to talk to him the next day.

It was now the next day. I stared at the telephone number I had scribbled on the back of a business card. What was I going to say to Charles?

The silly tone my daughter had set up on my inbox interrupted my train of thought, signaling the arrival of new email. I glanced down the list: ‘Male Enhancement’; ‘Earn $100K at Home’; ‘Hot Stocks, Buy Now!’; all the usual suspects. At the end of the list was a note from Hector.

Sent: 12/23/06 10:07AM
To: Brian Haas
Subject: Christmas

Greetings Protestant Gringo!

Talking to Lucienne this morning about the next few days. We plan to join you Christmas Eve at Covenant and Renaldo said you and Danielle would join us at St. Boniface again. Are you ready to convert?

Range gave me a ham and a turkey for the holiday. We’re going with ham Christmas Day. Could you use the turkey? My wife said to offer it to you.

I was reading Isaiah 9 this morning, from your sermon last weekend. And no, the Pope doesn’t know that I’m reading the Bible. I want to talk to you about the punctuation – does he mean Wonderful (comma) Counselor? Or Wonderful (adjective) Counselor? A few other things too. Good stuff.

Do you have time for coffee today? I can bring you the turkey. We can talk Isaiah. Let me know.


As I read Hector’s note I heard his voice, accent and all, in my head as if he was speaking to me. I smiled at his Gringo reference and his teasing about Catholicism and Protestantism – a topic he knows has history for me. Then finally the way he signed his name in email to me, ‘Hecto-r’. I had teased him that the way he rolled the ‘R’ on the end of his name it sounded like he added an extra syllable.

Hector! I’ll bet he could help me think through the Holstead situation. I grabbed the phone.

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  • Oh man, what a great idea to call Hector... Yeah, I know, fiction... er, um, imaginative non-fiction...

    But isn't that it??? So often it's the unexpected person who can give you the key idea... the one that unlocks the conundrum...

    "The power of paradox opens our minds..."


    By Higher Up, Further In, at 1/24/2007 11:53 AM  

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