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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

What's On My Mind?

Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy! - I was planning to spend a good deal of time tonight blogging negatively about the insurance company GEICO, as it had gone an entire week and we still had no answer from them. Word in moments ago that we are now assigned an adjustor. Thank you Lord! (For those who didn't know, there was a hang-up in that we had recently switched insurance companies and there was concern that we were not officially covered when the incident took place, causing them to investigate - this has been our hold-up.) Anyhow, I'm feeling much better towards lizards and cavemen (their advertising pitch-men). Now, we should be on the path to healing my broken emotions (and crumpled beloved).

Christian Coaches - Some may remember that last year's Super Bowl featured the Seattle Seahawks, coached by a brother in Christ, Mike Holmgren. In fact, during the game Mike's wife and daughter were on a mission trip in Africa, leading to several really cool stories in the days leading up to the game. Well, this year's Super Bowl features two brothers in Christ facing off in Lovie Smith and Tony Dungy. These guys are more than coaches, they are mentors and examples. Two better men you would be hard pressed to find. I look forward to the coverage leading up to this game.

Global Warming - Temps below freezing at the end of the week. Uh huh.

PETA: People for the Exterminating of Throngs of Animals - Wow! The activists are turning on their cause. What do you make of this? Jesus must be coming back soon.

Kingdom of God - I am really enjoying our study of the word on Sundays. Give the notes a look or the audio a listen from this past Sunday (right hand menu) and let me know how the series is striking you thus far.

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