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Monday, February 12, 2007

My Valentines

Continuing reminders - Remember your loved ones this Valentines Day!

Rebecca is my nearly 10 year old Valentine! I love you, Beck!

Becky's nickname has been 'Crash' since she was very young - she's the fearless daughter of the bunch. She learned how to swim by throwing herself in the water. She learned to tube by aiming herself over a waterfall. She looks at life with a reckless enthusiasm that makes us all wish we were more like her.

Becky's latest passion is basketball, and she's thrown herself into it just as you would expect, learning the skills and applying them to her game. One of my highlights as a Dad these days is going to her practices and her games.

I'm most proud of Becky for her spirit. She has the confidence to wear a Yankees hat in New England. She has her own fashion sense and style. She makes friends wherever she goes. She's hip. She's cool.

Yo Beck! What up? Valentine? Peace.

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  • Awe Bec...
    I <3 U 2!!!

    You never have to wonder where you stand with Becky... and that is one of my favorite qualities about her! Kind of reminds me of myself in someways, but she is much more hip and a bit more of a daredevil than I... :-)

    Love ~G

    By germaine, at 2/12/2007 4:19 PM  

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