Communicating Christ Along the Way

Traces of Promise

Live the Impossible: The Mother of all Miracles

What do you believe? Do miracles happen? Can God really break into human experience and do the impossible? Christmas is a miracle story, from beginning to end. *Christ’s Church is a strategic partner of Grace Chapel in Lexington, MA and features the teaching of Pastor Bryan Wilkerson and the Grace Chapel Teaching Team.

Traces of Promise: Suffering Comes With the Territory

Can a great person be a good person? That would all depend on how one defined greatness. The world attributes greatness to one’s performance, and only few can be great. Jesus, on the other hand contends that the greatest among you is the one who serves. *Christ’s Church is a strategic partner of Grace Chapel in…

Traces of Promise: The Good Shepherd

Sometimes the Shepherd metaphor is lost on many of us…unless our occupation involves livestock. But it is one of the most important images used in all of scripture to describe God’s care for His people. In this message we explore the promises of God to come Himself to shepherd His people and discover that Jesus is…