Communicating Christ Along the Way


Global Leadership Summit 2017

Everyone has influence, and the responsibility to use it well. Whether at work, at church, at school, or at home, we lead people and projects every day. And we can all get better at it! But it takes commitment to strengthen your mind, stretch your heart, and put your God-given gifts to use for the greater…

Memorial Day Weekend BBQ

A kick-off-to-summer potluck/picnic will be held on Sunday afternoon, May 28th, 2017, at the home of Mark and Jeanne Crowell right after our church service. Please bring a potluck dish to share and a camp chair to sit in!Their address is 94A Merrimack Road, Amherst (one mile from Christ’s Church). Come join in the fun!

Spring Serve

Spring Serve is happening on Saturday, May 6th, beginning at 8am. We will gather at Christ’s Church, enjoy a light breakfast, and then depart to our chosen locations. We will be sending a group out to serve a single parent with landscaping needs in Milford and another group to do some landscaping at New Life Home…

Spring Serve

Christ’s Church will be joining Grace Chapel for Spring Serve! On Friday, May 5th Christ’s Church will be hosting a blood drive for the American Red cross. We will need people to greet, make baked goods (with sugar!) and of course to give blood. Please sign up for an appointment at by April 14th!…