Kids Connection

Kids Connection

Kids Connection is our Children’s Ministry program for children ages Preschool through 5th grade. Our mission is to help children learn about God, deepen their faith, make friends, and grow to understand that Jesus knows them and loves them. We want children to understand that the Bible stories we read teach us things that make our lives better today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

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What We’re Learning

There is no doubt that Jesus is a master teacher. In this series, kids will explore Jesus’ imaginative stories called parables. Each of His stories and parables instruct us about the kingdom of God, revealing truth about who He is and what He has for His followers. The more we read God’s Word, the more we will know Him. But what will we do with His words? Will we simply read them and forget them? Or will we allow them to take root in our lives and change us? Will we become wiser? Further, Jesus’ parables tell the depth of His love for each of us. His love helps us know how to show compassion to others in need. 

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