Celebrate People Christmas 2019

Celebrate People Christmas 2019

Red? Blue? Green? Or Yellow? Help us pick the color of our building for our Christmas Eve service by commenting below. Each color is connected to a special charity, and we’ll be making a donation to the color that gets the most votes. Then join us for our special Christmas Eve candlelight services to see which color you picked. #celebratepeople Community Action for Safe Teens (CAST) (purple); Single Parents in Need (yellow);  Bridges: Domestic & Sexual Violence Support of Greater Nashua & Milford, NH Nashua & Milford, NH (green); Share Outreach, Inc (red).

You can vote in the comment below or vote on our Facebook Page and share it with all your friends.


    Elaine Johnson

    I vote for yellow lights and support for single parents in need because they are doing an awesome job.

    Ariel Temple

    Yellow- I’m a single mom living paycheck to paycheck with no child support. It’s nice not to worry about money – the rare occasions I get! ❤️

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