Experience Peace

Experience Peace

Have you found yourself in a tumultuous period of your life filled with uncertainty? Is it possible that God could be using even a time such as this to know his peace in deeper and greater ways? Join Pastor John on this devotional series that came out of the difficult moments of 2020 with a world seeking answers when everything seemed to be falling apart.


Experience Peace #1: Order Out of Chaos

In the coming weeks we want to take a few minutes together to consider some ways God might be inviting us to know his peace when everything appears to be falling apart. You see, God brings order out of chaos. And by creating you in his image, he has commissioned you to do the same thing. Could it be possible that God created you for a moment just like this one?

Experience Peace #2: Prayer

How can something as simple as prayer help us experience peace in a time like this – especially when God doesn’t always answer prayers in the way we’d prefer?

Experience Peace #3: Why God?

Why God? We’re all inclined to look for answers in times like these hoping for some peace of mind. What kind of answer can we expect to find?

Experience Peace #4: Comfort

Can we really count on God to bring comfort in all our troubles when pain plays such a big part in our stories and the Christian story as well?

Experience Peace #5: Pain Grows Hope

PAIN GROWS HOPE. How is that possible?

Experience Peace #6: When Moments Turn into Seasons

In the past few weeks we’ve talked about some different ways we can experience peace in the moment. God has given us some incredible resources to help us breathe in his calm and stability during the most difficult times. But what happens when the moments turn into seasons?