Between Waves (Book of James)

Between Waves (Book of James)

It’s tough to be a Christian in the 21st century, but there are perhaps no greater challenges than the personal, spiritual ones we face all the time. Sufferings of various kinds, conflicts, overconfidence, money and false wisdom threaten to capsize us. How can we navigate these turbulent seas and keep afloat without making a shipwreck of our faith?  James the brother of Jesus gave some ancient wisdom to a group of Christians facing challenges that were not so unlike our own. He gave them a way to navigate these challenges and he is inviting us to follow him through.

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1. Navigating Trials 
2. Navigating Negligence
3. Navigating Favoritism 
4. Navigating Careless Speech
5. Navigating Bad Counsel 
6. Navigating Conflict 
7. Navigating Wealth
Sinking Sin