Everything (Sermon on the Mount)

Everything (Sermon on the Mount)

Two thousand years ago, an itinerant preacher climbed to the top of a hill and hundreds of people followed him to hear what would become the most famous speech ever written. The natural acoustics carried his voice to the masses as he talked about the possibility of experiencing a life of belonging, comfort, freedom, peace, recognition and transcendence. His listeners could not only have a taste of this kind of life- they could have everything that is good. And two thousand years later, we can have it too. But the way to get there may not be what you think.

Join us as we explore the most famous message ever preached: Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.


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[something more] 
1. [go backward]
2. [go further]
3. [give everything] 
4. [take heart]
5. [get help]
6. [be prepared]
[shine on]