Comfort & Joy (Advent 2020)

Comfort & Joy (Advent 2020)

The Untidy Aftermath of Christmas

“Before the Prince of Peace had learned to walk and talk, he was a homeless refugee with a price on his head.” – N.T. Wright Have you ever asked yourself, “Is God with me in the mess of my life?” So many stories end with the characters living happily ever after. But what about the Christmas story? What happens to Mary, Joseph, and Jesus in the untidy aftermath of Christmas? Christmas is a true story, a gritty and real story,…

The Weary Soul Rejoices

Celebrating Christmas doesn’t seem like the right response to 2020. But is there something in the Christmas story that can give us comfort and joy even in a difficult season such as this?

Christmas 2020 Monologue

Can you imagine hearing the Christmas story retold by someone who was actually there? A story we’re all familiar with, seen from a new perspective that meets us today, right where we are? Even in 2020? Every year at Christmastime, one of our Advent worship services takes a creative turn. We replace the sermon with something we call the “theatrical monologue.” This year, Pastor Bryan Wilkerson retold the story from the perspective of Luke, one of the authors of the…

Comfort and Joy

Where can we find comfort in the midst of a pandemic? Can Christmas really be joyful in 2020? What can I do with my disappointment at Christmas? Does the birth of Jesus make any difference at all? Christ’s Church is a strategic partner of Grace Chapel in Lexington, MA and features the teaching of Pastor Bryan Wilkerson and the Grace Chapel Teaching Team.