Sermons by John Nuxoll

Sermons by John Nuxoll

Why Worship Anyway?

Have you ever found yourself grappling with the concept of worship, questioning its relevance in today’s fast-paced world? In a culture that values productivity and efficiency, the idea of setting aside time for worship may seem antiquated or even unnecessary. But what if worship holds the key to unlocking not only a deeper connection with God but also more peace in your private world? Join us as we explore Psalm 104 and its transformative invitation to worship, discovering how it…

ABout Doubt

In a culture that often prizes certainty and clarity, doubt can feel like a burden we must overcome. But what if our questions are not stumbling blocks but stepping stones to a more profound encounter with God? And what if the energy behind our doubts could be redirected toward a stronger faith? Join us as we journey through the story of Thomas in the Gospel of John and uncover how understanding our doubts can be a gateway to deeper understanding…

Unfinished Business: Easter Sunday

Amidst the shadows of uncertainty, we often find ourselves retreating from the challenges that confront us, seeking refuge in the familiar. But what happens when the potential beyond the fear is too good? Is it too late to return if we’ve already fallen back? Discover a surprising truth from the final pages of the Gospel of Mark that calls us to press on.

The Crux of Change (Good Friday)

Change can seem elusive, especially when faced with the weight of past hurts and the stubbornness of the human spirit. But amidst the complexity, the story of a Roman soldier at the cross reveals a profound truth: the death of Jesus holds the key to transformation. How can we tap into this power for change in our own lives?

Decision Time

Amidst the safety of the familiar, we often shy away from the unknown, clinging to the comfort of ‘’normal.’ What happens when Jesus challenges us to move beyond the confines of what’s expected and embrace a different way, even when it comes at great cost?

Whole-Person Healing

Have you ever wondered about God’s involvement in healing? In a world filled with pain, disease, and uncertainties, the quest for divine intervention can be both compelling and skeptical. Join us as we explore a pivotal moment in the Gospel of Mark, where Jesus confronts the complexity of healing, and discover how God’s new work extends beyond what’s seen.

Slow Time

The new year helps us anticipate new possibilities. But the stark reality of life’s brevity, as depicted in Psalm 90, raises a common struggle. How can we navigate this brief existence and find true fulfillment?

Peace in Conflict

Promises of future peace abound but our present conflicts persist, causing tension in daily interactions and personal relationships. How can the love of Christ reshape our affections, reorient our priorities, and bring a transformative perspective in order to bring a little bit of that future peace into the present? Join us in exploring 2 Corinthians 5 as we delve into Paul’s profound theology of reconciliation.


Most people love the idea of becoming more generous. But putting generosity into practice is easier said than done when so many of us are short on time and money. How can our gifts, both of our money and of our time, become a grace not just to others but a transformative gift to our own souls? Discover how genuine love, rooted in Christ, transforms our fears, uncertainties, and comforts into an adventurous journey of “adventurosity.”

From Past Regrets to New Beginning

New beginnings give us an opportunity to start fresh, make new friends and bring new energy into our lives. But how do we begin something new when our hearts and minds are so easily drawn to what went wrong in the past? How can we overcome regret to enter into what God has for us next?

Letting Go

Change is supposed to be a part of life. But that doesn’t mean letting go of what came before is easy. And matters only get worse when whatever is next fails to meet our expectations. How can we navigate change and enjoy what’s next when it’s so hard to let go? It turns out that one of the most mysterious books of the Bible, Ecclesiastes, sheds some light on that question.

Forgiving Your Enemies is Good for Your Soul

Common things like nature, travel, and even ice cream can bring us an appreciation for God and spiritual rest. They are good for the soul. But as crazy as it might sound, could an uncommon, seemingly impossible command from Jesus to love our enemies be the same? It just so happens that Jesus’ teaching on loving our enemies wasn’t just a command, it was also an invitation to experience personal well-being.