Sermons by John Nuxoll

Sermons by John Nuxoll

No Words (Christmas Eve Message)

When we have certain expectations and the result goes a different way, we look for a place to put our disappointment and often deflect it onto others. Sometimes, we’ll even blame God. If God is in control, why wouldn’t we expect the world to go a certain way? Bad things happen. So how can we know that God hasn’t let us down? That may be the very question that was on a young teenage girl’s mind as she and her…

Faith works

Saying yes to Jesus and helping others do the same can lead to purposeful and life-giving journeys of faith. But many of us struggle to talk about our faith or struggle to share our faith well. One of Jesus’ first disciples learned the key to sharing faith in powerful ways even in the face of opposition. And we can put that into practice for ourselves.

Wisdom for the Heart

Words are powerful. They can change people’s lives. They can change the world around us. But they also hold the keys to changing our own hearts.

The Goodness of God in the Hardships to Come

Doubt comes to all of us. And it comes especially hard in difficult times. It can have damaging effects on our relationships and our relationship with God. But could doubt be reigned in and used to help us endure and experience the goodness of God when hardship comes knocking?


Broken relationships can result in broken insides too. Can the same be true for someone’s relationship with God? If there was something to do to sustain it when circumstances are bad and the positive feelings are gone, what could we do? Psalm 130 may just hold the answer.

Dawn of Something New

We are all confronted with change, and sometimes that change can be exciting—the offer of a new job, the news that we’re going to be parents. But with change comes the fear of the unfamiliar. What if the best possible offer of change was different than anything we ever knew? How could we overcome the fear of the unknown to receive a better life in the future and certain joy right now? The message of Easter may just hold that…

The Promise of Purpose

 It’s easy to get stuck in a place where work, relationships and life no longer feel fulfilling. And it’s easy to imagine that getting out of those places is the only way to find fulfillment. But if God designed us to do good, is it possible that we can find find purpose in life even if our circumstances don’t change? How can we move toward our full potential under the promises of God? Jesus use of Isaiah 61 sheds some…

The Promise of Perfect

Life doesn’t always get easier. Sometimes difficult seasons don’t let up resulting in emotional, physical and spiritual weariness. When we’re stuck in the middle, battling exhaustion, what’s supposed to keep us from quitting? We aren’t the first to find ourselves on the edge. It turns out that during one of Israel’s most discouraging times, God offered a wonderful message to help get them through that just happens to be a powerful promise for us too.

Finding Christmas

Long seasons of personal difficulty can make it hard to believe that there is a God who cares for us. But Luke’s telling of the events leading up to Christmas told through common people in Luke 1:5-25 might just suggest that God’s good news isn’t just for the masses—it’s personal too.

For When Adversity Comes

Difficult times are inevitable, but personal tragedy, disappointment and disillusionment don’t have to derail us. Could we invest in something now that will enable us to endure the adversity that is to come? Is there something God has written into the script of life that will give us the support we need to stand when the ground is shaking all around us? Proverbs17:16-20 might just have the answer.

Stuck in the Muck

If prayer is a space that God has given us to enjoy him and find purpose to life, what happens when prayer doesn’t work? Is it possible that we who struggle with prayer might find a happiness in God that would bring life to our inner selves and to those around us? Is there something God wants us to know about ourselves that could free us from the mundane, strengthen our souls in the face of difficulties and bring gladness…

Tears and Resurrections in the Face of Tragic Loss

At one time or another, we all come face to face with a tragic loss. Whether it’s the loss of a job, the discovery of some disease or the suicide of a loved one, shock, confusion, anger and pain confront us in bewildering ways. Is it possible to experience real comfort when a tragedy leaves us feeling trapped and alone?