Sermons on 1 Kings

Sermons on 1 Kings

A Nap Is Good for Your Soul

After defeating the false prophets of Baal, Elijah is on the run from the Queen who has vowed to kill him. He’s exhausted, burned out, and just wants to quit. God sends an angel to him and the first thing Elijah does is take a nap. Similarly, after a long year, summer is finally here but you might find yourself exhausted, burned out, and maybe wanting to quit. Taking some naps this summer may be the first step in saving…

The Language of silence

The language of silence holds space for ordinary and difficult moments to become holy. *Christ’s Church is a strategic partner of Grace Chapel in Lexington, MA and features the teaching of Pastor Bryan Wilkerson and the Grace Chapel Teaching Team.

When it Feels Like God Doesn’t Care

1 Kings 19. Every believer comes to a place in their lives where they feel disconnected with God. We might believe that God is good and worthy of our lives, but some disappointment or unmet expectation can bring us to our knees and turn our hearts away from God. What are we supposed to believe when it doesn’t feel like God has our best interests at heart anymore?