Fast Forward

Fast Forward

Live Forward (Easter 2021)

After a long season of disruption, normal sounds like a good thing. But what if our normal isn’t so good? Or what if normal misses the mark of the kind of satisfying life we were made for? The resurrection of Jesus was anything but normal for the first disciples who just happened to be the first skeptics too. It was a convention-defying invitation to be something different. Can it be that for us today too?

Just Say No

As we emerge from this pandemic, how can we prepare ourselves and the church for the new normal that’s coming? Fasting is a way of saying NO to ourselves so that we can say YES to others. *Christ’s Church is a strategic partner of Grace Chapel in Lexington, MA and features the teaching of Pastor Bryan Wilkerson and the Grace Chapel Teaching Team.

What it Takes

In our unstable world where public opinion shifts quickly and it’s easy to lose relationships over little things, we could all use a little security and clarity in where we stand with God. Is there any relationship that can offer us more security, hope and belonging than a positive one with our creator? And yet, with so many religions and even so many flavors of Christianity, establishing a clear basis for a meaningful relationship with God is more confusing than…

On Paying Attention

How can I manage all the online voices competing for my attention? How can fasting help me pay attention to God? Can the Bible really make a positive difference in my life? In this third episode of our Fast Forward teaching series, Pastor Bryan helps us gain a stronger understanding of the effects the constant infoglut of our news feeds and social media has on our spiritual lives. It’s time to pay more attention to where we’re paying attention. *Christ’s…

Blessed the Best

When God doesn’t answer prayers in the way we expect, he can still take our disappointments and make them into something new. But what about those times when the unanswered prayer doesn’t appear to have any long-term gain at all? Is it possible that if we had prayed differently God could have turned an unanswered prayer into a better opportunity? 

Fast Forward

What’s the secret behind actually doing what Jesus did? In his showdown with Satan in the wilderness, Jesus shows us how to overcome the tests and temptations that are sure to come our way. What if giving something up was less about gritting our teeth and more about opening our hands? All through the season of Lent we’re learning how fasting from specific aspects of our lives can help us grow closer to God, and prepare us for the life…