Book of Acts

Book of Acts

This fall Dr. Dale Kuehne is leading us through a sermon series in the Book of Acts. This is not just about learning church history, its about recognizing that we are part of the same story, the same mission…should we choose to accept it. Though much has changed in two-thousand years, much remains the same. We are still called to be witnesses for Jesus, the church is still persecuted throughout the world, we still have sin issues and relational problems that need to be addressed. Despite all our modern-day ideas, resources, and technology we also still desperately need the Holy Spirit to guide us and empower us on this mission.

Book of Acts: Try to Understand

Acts 17. When the Apostle Paul found himself in Athens he worked to understand the people and culture in order to more effectively share the gospel in that context, meeting them where they were. Dale Kuehne reminds us that we need to take the same approach as we bring the good news of Jesus to our communities.

Book of Acts: No Matter What

Acts 16. Paul and Timothy are obedient to the Holy Spirit’s leading, yet they end up in prison. God calls all of us to follow even when we don’t have all the answers, even when the cost could be our very lives.

Book of Acts: What’s Next

Acts 16. The Apostle Paul had a plan, but God had a different one. Because Paul was listening He was able to adapt to God’s plan. Dale Kuehne explores the application of this to our lives personally and collectively as we ask the question “What’s Next?”.

Book of Acts: Law and Grace

Acts 15. In this chapter a great debate comes to a head in the Jerusalem council, do the Gentiles need to convert to Judaism to be saved? If not, then what requirements are placed on them? Dale Kuehne shares his personal list of 6 guiding points, not specific laws, that help him to pursue a life of holiness and remain centered in the mission Christ.

Book of Acts: Live As If the Promises are True

Acts 14. There was nothing supernatural about Paul and Barnabas. How did they heal a man who couldn’t walk, or preach boldly in the face of persecution? They lived as if God’s promises were true (because they are), and His power was made available to them as they trusted Him to accomplish His purposes and fulfill His promises.

Book of Acts: Whoever it Was That Brought Me Here Will Have to Take Me Home

Acts 13-14. Dale Kuehne explores why the gentiles in Pisidian would have been so drawn to the message Paul shared. How can we share the gospel like that today? The song by Martyn Joseph shared during this message, “Whoever it was that brought me here…” can be found at the following link:

Book of Acts: Peter’s Prison Break

Acts 12. After Peter’s arrest, believers were hiding out, earnestly praying for his release. When God miraculously sets him free, they don’t believe it at first. How often do we pray for something that we don’t really believe God can do? How often do our fears cause us to hide our faith rather than share it with the desperate (and sometimes hostile) world we live in?

Book of Acts: Saul’s Conversion

Acts 9. Dale Kuehne brings us back to Acts this week with the conversion of Saul. Sometimes God chooses the most unlikely people to join His kingdom, sometimes the church questions that choice.

Book of Acts: Tear Down the Walls That Hold Me Inside

Acts 8. Dale Kuehne identifies some of the early church’s “walls” that God broke down in order to spread the gospel beyond Jerusalem. What are the barriers that prevent us from making disciples of all nations? What walls are getting in the way of our intimacy with and obedience to God?

Book of Acts: What are You Afraid of?

Acts 7. Dale Kuehne asks us to consider what our fears are. Do they keep us from obeying God? Stephen was willing die for the cause of Christ. Are we willing to overcome our fears and trust God, or do we turn away from Him as soon as things don’t go our way?
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